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In the absence of data on the user number in the base of the cellular operator, the instant messenger will not be able to complete the identification.Photo: Anna Mayorova © URA.RU

The administrators of instant messengers will soon be required to verify the authenticity of the registration of user numbers, while cellular operators will have to enter into their databases information about the applications used by clients for communication.

The head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, told Izvestia that this measure is necessary in order to secure citizens. He noted that with free access to instant messengers “anyone could use any available mobile number and send messages. “The possibility of anonymous communication in messengers makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes,” the official said.

Under the new rules, mobile operators will enter in their databases data on customer correspondence in instant messengers, while their administrators themselves will hand over to mobile operators of customers.

The identification method is quite simple: administrators of instant messengers to check whether the user's phone number is actually registered to it. The answer to the mobile operator is 20 minutes. If the user data coincides with the information in the company's database, the identification will be considered passed. Otherwise, the service will refuse the client to receive the service.

For non-compliance with these rules, the owners of the instant messengers will be administratively liable. If the user changes the information about himself, he will have to be re-identified.

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