Messi gets tired of Laporta and answers him with everything

Joan Laporta he never tires of talking about Lionel Messi. It was not enough for him to break his word to renew the contract and slam the door hours before signing. Since the Argentine left suddenly, on August 8, on his way to PSG (because he had no other choice), the president of FC Barcelona mentions the historic number 10 as many speeches as he can. And many times recklessly.

I expected a gesture from Messi and that he offered to play for free“Laporta said a month ago, in October, out of nowhere. Words that Messi did not like at all, who responded in an interview for Sport:” I do not deserve to generate that doubt. “He said it hurt, but firm.

Laporta’s reckless words

Now on the occasion of the presentation of Dani AlvesLaporta mentioned Messi again and said that “he did not rule out his return to Barcelona” which caused some surprise. Laporta believes that he has the fate of Messi (or others) in his hand and can decide for them. Well, with Messi at least not. And according to As What Sport, Messi has an answer for Laporta: No.

“Leo has pride and he does not consider going back to Bara. He left against his will and to endure in Paris even if his life is not happy or comfortable “he writes Sport. On As They share the vision of their Catalan pair and add that Messi is focused on winning everything with PSG, as he himself wrote in his IG: “Now it’s time to change the focus because I still have a lot of desire to continue fighting to achieve the goals that we we scored here at PSG “.

Messi has in principle a two-year contract with PSG and could extend it to a third if things go well for him. He had planned to retire in MLS but apparently sold his apartment in Miami, which is a sign that he will not play there. For now a return as a player to Barcelona is not on the table, not even in the future. Alfredo Martnez, a Spanish journalist, already said: “Not even in dreams Messi will return while Laporta is there.”

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