Messi leads the scorer list at the end of the 2021 America’s Cup group stage jqknews

Chinanews client, Beijing, June 29th. On the 28th, local time in Brazil, the 2021 America’s Cup group matches are all over. In the last two games of Group A, Argentina beat Bolivia 4:1 and Uruguay beat Paraguay 1:0.

A total of 10 teams participated in this America’s Cup, divided into two groups, the group stage only eliminated the team at the bottom of the group. Prior to this round, Bolivia had been out of the game, so the results of the two games only affected the ranking in the group.

In this campaign, the Argentine team played the main force. Messi contributed 2 goals and 1 assist, becoming the best in the game, helping the Argentine team win the group first with a victory. In 4 games in the group stage, Messi scored 3 goals and assists 2 times, leading the scorer list alone, and tied with Neymar for first place in the assists list.

In another game, the Uruguay team defeated Paraguay 1-0 with Cavani’s penalty kick and finally won the second place in the group.

At this point, the current America’s Cup group stage is all over. The quarter-finals will be launched on the 2nd local time, against Brazil VS Chile, Peru VS Paraguay, Argentina VS Ecuador, Uruguay VS Colombia. Brazil and Argentina, the two traditional giants, can only meet in the final. (Finish)

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