Messi, Neymar and Pogba officially join Call of Duty as agents

Call of Duty will officially use global soccer stars as agents in its latest games Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile. Three of football’s most popular stars, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Paul Pogba will take to the battlefield as new characters.

As the rumors gained traction in the community, Call of Duty eventually confirmed the news. Not surprisingly, both football fans and CoD fans are excited to see their idols in the game’s war-torn setting.

Call of Duty partners with world soccer stars

On its social page, Call of Duty posted a quote: Paul Pogba, Neymar Jr and Messi are preparing for a new kind of game

There is no official confirmation yet as to whether Operators will play alone or appear as skins for existing ones. However, fans can rest assured that they can play as their favorite soccer player in the latest CoD world.

While Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile will share ecosystems, Operators will be available for all three games simultaneously. The release date has not yet been announced. However, since Warzone Mobile won’t be out until next year, fans can hope to see these stars in early 2023.

As the franchise dives deep into the world of pop culture, collaborating with films, TV series, anime and more, the latest crossover is clearly another step forward. With soccer being the most popular sport in the world, the inclusion of its biggest stars in CoD as characters is sure to bring a huge audience to the franchise.

Earlier we saw how King Kong and Godzilla wreaked havoc on Caldera Island. Other crossovers include the cult film saga “Terminator”, popular anime attack on Titan, Snoop Dog and more. With new cosmetics and more in-game events, this has been a trend in the franchise for the last few years.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 will be released alongside Warzone 2 on November 16th. Only time will tell if the latest battle royale experience lives up to expectations or not. However, fans can expect plenty of content for the game once it launches.