Meta is rolling out Horizon Home to make it easier to meet people in the metaverse

Despite Meta’s insistence that virtual reality is the future of social media, the Quest 2 has yet to support an easy way to socialize. You could join a party with friends and travel through Horizon Worlds, or you could play a game together, but just hanging out hasn’t been so easy.

Now, as promised last fall, the Horizon Home feature will allow friends to come and visit you in your virtual home. “Your home is where you are when you first put on your headset, which you can choose from preset options like a space station, a Japanese inn, or a patio overlooking a mountainous sunset.”

In a video posted to Zuckerberg’s Facebook account on Friday, June 10, 2022, the Meta CEO talked about the upcoming software update, “v41,” which brings Horizon Home, and he also chatted with legendary free climber Alex Honnold.

As Meta attempts to create a new way to socialize online, its virtual reality apps have come under fire for failing to effectively mitigate harassment, which is unfortunately inherent in any digital forum, but is particularly prevalent when placed in an immersive space that does not have the same consequences in the real world.

Despite its new name, Meta isn’t the first company to dabble in the metaverse, in other immersive games like Second Life and Roblox users have faced sexual harassment and assault, so it’s important that Meta integrates comprehensive security features from the start. But historically, the company has prioritized shipping products over user safety.

TechCrunch, a US news site specializing in internet startup news, asked what security features are built into Horizon Home when it launches on “the Quest.”

“Party leaders may unilaterally remove party and house guests from Meta Horizon,” a spokesperson for Meta said. Any user can use the system level blocking option or submit a report.

Additionally, like other Horizon apps, guests can leave a social situation with one click to immediately disconnect from voice chat and the general environment.