Meta opens clothing store for avatars with Prada outfits at €8.99

Meta will open its clothing store for avatars with outfits from Prada, Balenciaga or Thom Browne at 8.99 euros, but it also offers the possibility of acquiring free models. As the company announced on Monday, the Meta Avatars store will launch on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Without a doubt, this is an interesting business opportunity for clothing brands.

At the moment, it will be the American or Canadian users who can access the clothing store. Daniel Nunez, Product Marketing Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Facebook, told Observatorio Blockchain that the idea is to progressively open up to more countries based on adoption.

meta clothing store avatars

The company has explained that the avatar figure can help people connect with friends, family or co-workers on the way to the metaverse. It was the summer of last year when Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, first announced that the company would go from being seen as a social media company to a metaverse company. In September of last year he said that he would allocate 50 million dollars in two years for the construction of his own metaverse. The company underlined his willingness to collaborate with legislators, experts and industry partners for its construction.

Balenciaga will accept payments in cryptocurrencies and eBay experiments with NFT

connect people

The big announcement, that is, the name change from Facebook to Meta, was made by Zuckerberg at the end of October last year. At the time, Mark said that the company’s mission remained the same: to connect people. A year after Zuckerberg spoke of the metaverse, Meta is now offering its billions of Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger users the ability to buy virtual clothing for their avatars.

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The First Fashion Week in a metaverse will be on Decentraland, built on Ethereum

Zuckerberg’s idea is to bring this experience to Horizon Worlds, his Virtual Reality metaverse. In the future, garments from new luxury brands will also be added. In addition to clothing, Meta also offers the possibility of changing hair color, trying new makeup or showing off models for professional meetings. According to Meta, there are also more than a quintillion combinations of options to customize avatars with free outfits and accessories. The creators of the store know that people often want to change their appearance; both in the real world and in digital spaces. Therefore, they are prepared to offer the latest fashion trends. Trade, says Meta, helps drive culture around the world and the metaverse is no different. The company has left some links where it shows how to create your avatar for Instagram and Facebook or Messenger.

Brands are building the metaconsumer of the metaverse

Meta test Metamask

Likewise, the company informs today in a post that it is testing the ability of selected creators and collectors on Instagram to display NFTs with wallets such as Rainbow, Metamask and Trust Wallet; as well as Coinbase Wallet, Drapper, and Phantom coming soon. Additionally, Meta has posted a tweet stating that today’s creators use NFT to gain more control over their work and their community. “In the future we believe that NFTs will be key to buying and using virtual items in the metaverse.”

The list of fashion brands that already parade in the metaverses

Zuckerberg announced last May his intention to integrate NFTs into Instagram. Likewise, the newspaper Coindesk reported that Meta had planned NFT integrations for the Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow blockchains. In this way, Meta would be taking the first steps towards Web3. Meta’s CEO teased at South by Southwest (SXSW) that Instagram users could soon mint non-fungible tokens within the app.

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The option represents an unprecedented change for the social network, being able to become an NFT marketplace. If so, Instagram will become the second major social network to integrate NFTs on its platform. The first was Twitter, which also has support for cryptocurrencies. With almost 500 million users a day, the integration would be a boost for NFTs, which, like other crypto assets, are suffering the rigors of the crisis in the crypto industry.

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