Meta unveils its “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found” campaign to support small businesses this holiday season

Key points to remember

  • We are unveiling “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found”, a campaign that celebrates the VSEs/SMEs present on our platforms during the holiday season and encourages consumers to support them.
  • At the same time, we publish a study on the purchasing behavior of Internet users during the holidays in order to help VSEs/SMEs to better reach their audiences.
  • According to this study, during the 2021 period, 1 in 3 French people searched for end-of-year gifts on Facebook and Instagram, while 1 in 2 French people preferred to make their end-of-year purchases from proximity.

As businesses of all sizes prepare for the most strategic time of the year, at Meta we are unveiling “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found”, a campaign to celebrate VSEs/SMEs on our platforms during the holiday season and encourage consumers to support them. If we make it our mission to highlight these small businesses, real nuggets, it is because we are convinced that good ideas deserve to be spotted, and we are not the only ones.

Indeed, our study with YouGov, unveiled on this occasion confirms that the period is proving to be a real challenge for many people wishing to find the perfect gift for those around them. This is particularly the case for 43% of French people who say they have difficulty finding gift ideas at this time of year. When shopping, they let themselves be all the more inspired by unexpected discoveries, 89% of them say they are ready to try a new brand during the holiday season.

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For this reason, from today until the end of the year celebrations, we will highlight French small and medium-sized enterprises whose extraordinary and one-of-a-kind gift ideas deserve to be more highlighted : concepts that give pride of place to craftsmanship and eco-responsibility, such as the colorful sets of hi beauty or the natural care of Breatheto unique items such as audio books from Our Dear Childrento unforgettable experiences such as the timeless sidecar tours offered by RETRO TOUR.

Follow their suggestions from our Facebook account @Metafranceon the Facebook and Instagram accounts of @madamefigarofrpartner of the operation, as well as on the accounts of a selection of content creators across France who join us to promote local businesses that inspire them.

Consume local and protect the environment at the heart of our concerns

Conducted in France in December 2021, our study Insights on holidays and major promotion days notes that during end-of-year purchases, consumers are particularly conscientious and attentive to the values ​​and policies of the brands from which they make their purchases. In line with the average of respondents in the EMEA region, one in two French people say they prefer to make their end-of-year purchases from local shops. In addition, 42% of French people tell us that they take into consideration the environmental impact of the products they buy during this time of year, when making their choice.

If they prefer to make their purchases from local shops, it is mainly on the internet that the French discover the products they offer at this time. According to the study, 55% of respondents tell us that they have searched for their gift ideas for the 2021 season online. More precisely, 1 in 3 French people (28%) searched for gifts on Facebook and Instagram, placing Meta apps at the top of online discovery channels, followed by e-commerce sites (27%) and search engines (26%). In addition, among those who used social networks for their research, 16% discovered a local business there that they had not known before.

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Social networks: a popular source of inspiration for finding ideas!

As for the use of social networks in the context of their research, the French are eclectic and eager for entertainment. 63% of them found gift ideas for 2021 thanks to recommendations from a personal relationship on social networks. 19% have found the rare pearl through watching videos. Finally, 30% looked to a content creator’s recommendations for a brand or product for inspiration.

Sponsored content was also a source of inspiration for 47% of French respondents. These are all the more appreciated when intended for a suitable target. Thus, 31% of respondents have purchased a product that they discovered through a personalized ad on social networks.


Results from the online study “Meta Seasonal Holidays Study“, commissioned by Meta from YouGov and carried out among 1,561 Internet users aged 18 and over in France in December 2021.