metal parents? This Spotify Playlist Will Let You Play Metal Classics For Your Baby (Without Freaking Out)

The arrival of a newborn can always be a challenge when you are a new mother or father because you have the belief that you will no longer be able to do the activities you were used to or even mean goodbye to a musical genre, such as metal. If you are a metalhead at heart, and you want to bring your daughter closer, from baby, to the classics in Spotify there’s a playlist with songs that won’t scare you away when you hear it.

In reality, any sound that is loud or that is outside the noise levels that the human ear can withstand can always cause a certain negative effect, such as causing the heart to race, the mood to change, or the jump from fright. While in babies it can cause them to cry for a long time.

Therefore, the playlist of Spotify It is a good option to put classics of the metal to you baby because it is distinguished by having soft sounds and not as powerful, as the original songs of this genre.

‘Rockabye Baby!’, Spotify playlist that brings together metal classics

The metalheads, who have been parents for a few years now, have shared among their acquaintances a collection of music or a crib for babies that has successful songs from metal. Is about ‘Rockabye Baby!’, this playlist of Spotify It is made up of songs by artists from all corners of the world.

While you can find music by singer-songwriters like The Weeknd, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Wu-Tang Clan, you’ll also find hits by Iron Maiden as well as rock classics like Queen, Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Clash, Subleme, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The reason why you baby You won’t be scared when you play them, it’s because they are instrumental pieces, that is, they are songs designed to be friendly to newborns, children and adults. In fact, monthly it has around 184,289 listeners, and Mexico is number 1 in listening, followed by Australia and ending with the United States.