Metaverse: Marketing ploy or revolution?

Düsseldorf Since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made his visions of the Metaverse public, he has been met with both ridicule and encouragement. With the Metaverse he wants to create a virtual three-dimensional world that expands the real world by one level. The idea is not entirely new, but implementation is still in its infancy.

You may think what you want of the Meta boss: With the realignment of his group, he has started a process. Since then, virtual reality has been a hot topic among investors, companies, founders, crypto and tech fans. Even Tesla founder Elon Musk said a few weeks ago that the Metaverse was more “marketing than reality”.

But is that really the case? How much potential does the virtual world hold? How will it transform our economy? Our tech and start-up editor Larissa Holzki weighs the arguments of critics and supporters against each other.

Afterwards, US correspondent Astrid Dörner turns her attention to the crypto world. There is a strong interaction between this and the metaverse. What role digital currencies and the blockchain play in the Metaverse – and vice versa.

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