Météo France s'expected to be 3 to 5 additional systems before the end of the hurricane season


While The Meeting is just recovering from the passage of Berguitta, Météo France announced in its balance sheet from mid-season 3 to 5 other systems are expected in the area before the end of the hurricane season 2017-2018.

After Ava, Irving, Berguitta and Cébile, Météo France “is expected to 3 to 5 additional systems reach the stage of storm or cyclone by the end of the hurricane season”.

In its latest report, published on February 9, the Météo France states that the season has “off to a great start very late”, but “the sustained activity recorded in the month of January has filled the delay”.

This should put the overall activity (storms + hurricanes) to a level close to the values of the weather (which are, on average, from 9 to 11 systems storms/cyclones), with good chances to see more of cyclones (but less storms) that in a normal year, summarizes Weather France.

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