Meteoro will have a live-action series developed by Apple TV +

We will have a serie live-action from Meteorwhich will be distributed to audiences by Apple TV+.

Variety reports that Meteor (Speed Racer) is a television project that has been cooking for several years.

In addition, this media indicates that J. J. Abramsfilmmaker known for ‘Super 8’ (2011) and the latest Star Wars trilogy (2015-5019), will be involved as an executive producer in this new Meteoro series.

Iconic 52-episode Japanese animation program that appeared in 1967, and told us the story of a young driver named Meteor, who was driving the Mach 5.

Meteor promotional poster (Tatsunoko Production)

Race car built by his father Pops Racer (Daisuke Mifune).

In addition to JJ Abrams, Apple TV + will have the collaboration of the writer Ron Fitzgerald and Hiram Martínez for the live-action of Meteoro.

They will do a co-writing job to put together the plot of the Meteoro series.

In addition to working on the script, Fitzgerald and Martinez will produce and serve as showrunners. It is not known how many episodes it will have. Warner Bros. Television is also part of this television project.

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Meteor (Tatsunoko Production)

When does the Meteoro live-action series premiere on Apple TV +?

Still it is not known what will be the release date of the live-action from Meteor that will arrive in the catalog of Apple TV+.

Details of the cast and production team remain to be fine-tuned in order to begin filming this television program of Speed Racer.

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For this reason, it is still risky to predict the arrival of Meteoro streaming.

Now, it should be mentioned that this is not the first time that a Meteoro audiovisual project has been worked on with flesh and blood characters.

Meteor promotional poster

Meteor promotional poster (Tatsunoko Production)

Already in 2008, the Wachowski sisters premiered a film starring Emile Hirsch in the role of Meteor.

This film was not well received by critics or the public.

At the time, Meteor, the movie, was branded as “boring”. He was also attacked for his visual style, which resembled a video game.

Let’s hope that this new one tried to dust off a classic story, now if it is not a failure in the audiences.

The director and the writers will have the responsibility to balance the story with the special effects to deliver a production that captures the subscribers of Apple TV +.