Meteorology forecasts a cool Wednesday with less cloudiness

The Directorate of Meteorology indicates that this Wednesday the maximum temperatures would be around 21º to 25°C in the Chaco and the north of the Eastern Region, while in the other parts of the country maximum temperatures are expected around 18º and 20°C.

At dawn this day, temperatures between 7º and 15ºC were recorded. The weather will remain predominantly cool.

The cloudiness would decrease in the course of the morning and the sky would appear between scarce and partially cloudy. No rain forecast.

For this Thursday a slight increase in temperature is expected, which would be accentuated from Friday. During the weekend the maximum would be around 30°C in the center and south, being higher in the North of the country.

Although the probability of rain is very low for the remainder of the week, fog is expected at dawn on Thursday in much of the Eastern Region.