A 46-year-old Metra worker was killed and another worker was seriously injured on Saturday in an explosion in the Old Irving Park area on the northwest side of Chicago.

Just before noon, the men welded and performed routine track repairs on the north line of Milwaukee District 4500 in West Byron, near Grayland Station, when the Chicago Fire Department exploded.

The cause of the explosion is not immediately known and will be investigated, said Bruce Marcheschi, Metra's upcoming Chief Operations Officer.

Both workers were transferred to the Masonic Medical Center in Illinois. The identities of the men were not immediately released, however, said Marcheschi, the late worker had worked 17 years in the railway industry.

The workers did the repairs that were done last weekend. A total of 17 people worked in the area.

The Federal Railway Administration examined.

The last Metra worker who died was in July 2013, when a worker was hit by a train, Marcheschi said.

A few trains were affected by the incident, but on Saturday afternoon the trains worked normally.

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