Metropolis of Lyon. The new district of Bron at 3,500 euros per square meter is emerging from the ground

The first buildings in La Clairière, the new Raby district, are just starting out in Bron. 1,000 homes are expected and the first occupants should arrive in mid-2022.

The former gendarmerie barracks covering 16,000 m² have begun to change. The housing buildings of the first phase of work are emerging from the ground, to accommodate the first 58 occupants from the second quarter of 2022 at an average price of € 3,500 / m². These housing units located to the north-east of the plot are the first of the 1,000 expected in this project, the land of which is supported by Lyon Métropole Habitat (LMH) in partnership with developers Icade, Nexity and Sier Constructeur. Three residences – one senior, one student, and one social – are also scheduled in this future new district, as well as a crèche with 40 cradles (2023).

Work for the future Place Jean-Raby will take place during the same period for delivery in 2023, while the large central park is not expected before 2025.

The first building permits have also just been filed for the start of the tertiary component of the operation, 42,000 m² of which “32,000 m² in front of the building against the Bonnevay ring road, which functions as a noise barrier by going up to six floors”, specifies Marjorie Dumont, director of development and planning at LMH. The last lots will be delivered in 2028.