Sports Mets, Carlos Beltrán involved in the Astros trap scandal

Mets, Carlos Beltrán involved in the Astros trap scandal


And then there was one.

The baseball industry, obsessed with the Astros poster theft scandal, turns its eyes to … the Mets?

The Red Sox said goodbye to ring-winning manager Alex Cora on Tuesday night, continuing with a series of mind-blowing casualties for the report released Monday by Commissioner Rob Manfred and changing course to Queens. Cora, manager of the Astros A.J. Hinch and Astros baseball operations president Jeff Luhnow all lost their jobs through their connection to the plan. That leaves Carlos Beltrán as the most prominent person named in the report issued Monday by Commissioner Rob Manfred, still with a significant job title: Mets manager … at least for now.

The Mets have not commented on Beltrán's status since the release of the Manfred report, which identified Beltrán, a 2017 Astros champion player, as one of the intellectual authors behind the scheme to use a central field camera to decipher the signals from opposite receivers in real time. on a video monitor located near the Minute Maid Park booth. Those signals were transmitted to the hitters through the blow of a garbage can. Earlier on Tuesday, the Mets were planning a press conference, the date and site not yet determined, which would give Beltrán the opportunity to explain his side, which includes telling the Post twice in November through a message of text that was not aware of any trap that occurred. with the Astros of 2017.

However, that was before the Red Sox sent another shock wave across the world of baseball. Instead of waiting for baseball to conclude its investigation into the recently published accusations that the 2018 Red Sox champions stole signals illegally, Boston's property fired Cora, Hinch's banking coach at the 2017 Astros.

Carlos Beltrán (l) and Brodie Van Wagenen
Carlos Beltrán (l) and Brodie Van WagenenCharles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The report issued on Monday cited Cora as the main culprit for the theft of posters by the Astros. That combined with what was discovered with the Red Sox made Cora likely also face a ban of at least one year, possibly longer. But after Hinch and Luhnow were nailed for a year and then fired, the Red Sox acted proactively to fire Cora instead of letting the problem worsen with what seemed an inevitable conclusion.

"Given the findings and the decision of the Commissioner, we collectively decided that Alex would not be able to effectively lead the club in the future and we mutually agreed to separate," the Red Sox said in a statement attributed to owner John Henry, President Tom Werner, CEO Sam Kennedy and Cora.

Cora added in a statement: “We agreed today that separating ourselves was the best thing for the organization. I don't want to be a distraction for the Red Sox as they go. "

Will Beltran prove to be a distraction too big for the Mets because they perform a win operation now? General manager Brodie Van Wagenen, after firing Mickey Callaway, chose the nine-time All-Star (including four times with the Mets) as his first managerial hiring over more conventional candidates like Joe Girardi, Eduardo Pérez and Derek Shelton; Girardi and Shelton ended up landing the concerts to handle the Phillies and the Pirates, respectively. However, just eight days after the Mets introduced Beltrán to Citi Field, The Athletic reported on the Astros' high tech ruse.

On November 12, Beltrán told The Post in a text message: "I am not aware of that (central field) camera." He added: "We were very proud to study launchers (on) the computer. That is the only technology I use and understand."

Two days later, after The Athletic reported that Beltrán and Cora led the efforts to illegally steal the opponents' signs, Beltrán doubled his innocence and told The Post: "It doesn't worry me. There is nothing illegal in studying your opposing team. We all have the same opportunity to look for information and trends. "

On November 14, Van Wagenen declared: "At this time, I see no reason why this is a situation of the Mets," and expressed little interest in talking with Beltrán on the matter. It is not publicly clear if Beltran discussed his participation in the Astros with his Mets superiors. However, within the following month, Beltrán met with the Manfred investigation team and revealed his role in the Astros bill theft operation. That freed him from the discipline of Major League Baseball, as Manfred granted immunity to the players of that Astros team & # 39; 17 provided they sincerely testified.

However, he does not protect Beltrán from being fired from his first administrative job before spending a day in spring training if the Mets decide that this will be a nuisance and a distraction for a winning team.

The danger to Beltrán and the Mets is that there is a strong feeling within the game that the Astros were not punished hard enough, including the fact that no player was hit with penalties. Will that lead to more people joining Beltrán to be a mastermind of the Astros scheme and not just someone who benefited from the deception? Also, will it be problematic for Beltrán to lead, especially without having achieved it before, when his integrity will be in doubt?

For now, the Mets stay with their new manager. But they are also waiting to see what else comes up and see how Beltrán confronts journalists for the first time.

The Mets were not involved in this scandal of signal theft, but suddenly they are in the middle of it.

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