CARLSBAD, California. – Mickey Callaway's return to Mets Bank will not include a handful of his last-season lieutenants.

Pat Roessler has been defeated by the team in a change of staff, Bullpose coach Ricky Bones is reassigned within the organization, and first base coach Ruben Amaro Jr. joins the front office as an advisor. In addition, bank manager Gary DiSarcina will move to third base and Glenn Sherlock from third to first. New General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen announced the changes on Monday at the General Manager Meetings after The Post first reported that Roessler and Bones had been removed from the staff.

Pitching coach Dave Eiland and his assistant, who beat coach Tom Slater, remain in their current roles.

In the last offseason, Roessler was voted coach after Kevin Long did the same job at the Nationals. In the National League, however, the Mets finished 12th place with an average of 4.17 runs. The offensive bouts took place when Yoenis Cespedes missed the majority of the season on the disabled list. Michael Conforto spent the first three months trying to recover from shoulder surgery the previous year.

Bones has been Mets' Bullets Coach since 2012 when he arrived in the wake of a change of staff from Terry Collins. The Mets-Bullpen ranked 14th in the NL – only the Marlins were worse – with an ERA of 4.96 last season.

Van Wagenen referred to the work of DiSarcina with Amed Rosario to keep DiSarcina in the workforce.

Mickey Callaway
Mickey CallawayRon Sachs

Amaro, formerly Phillies GM, has a relationship with Van Wagenen, which is based on Stanford's common roots, and is considered a front-office asset that can be helpful in staffing decisions.

The Mets are expected to seek a veteran National League experience for the position of bank trainer. Jim Riggleman will do an interview for the job, as he did in 2012, according to an industry source.

"Our goal is to try to support Mickey in the Dugout as much as possible," Van Wagenen said. "And since we have someone who is a seasoned bench coach who can help him manage the game, we thought that would be a win for Mickey and could help him with his development."

Callaway has had little impact on the composition of his staff following his recruitment last season, but is likely to have a significant say in who will be selected as the new punch coach, bench trainer and Bullpen coach. Van Wagenen and Callaway will begin their interviews next week.

Van Wagenen said he would continue to rely on assistant GM John Ricco and special assistant J. P. Ricciardi, but said that they had both decided to stay with the organization. Ricco and Ricciardi may be asked to fill roles other than before in the organization. As The Post reported for the first time last week, Omar Minaya remains on the team as the best adviser to Van Wagenen. Minaya, Ricco and Ricciardi headed the front office last summer after GM Sandy Alderson stepped aside to focus on his health.

"At this point, we want to find out where our biggest needs are and make sure we get our best employees in that position," said Van Wagenen. "We talked with you [Ricco and Ricciardi] about different roles and priorities. They are certainly important to me and that's why they're out here this week. "


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