Mexican actor Alfredo Adame was even given a street fight (video)

The Mexican presenter Alfredo Adame was the protagonist of a fight on a street in Mexico City.

Adame has been a trend in social networks after he was caught this Tuesday in the middle of a street fight against a family, which originated due to a traffic accident.

According to Infobae and according to the first recordings that came to light, the also soap opera actor repeatedly hit the truck in which a family was traveling.

Immediately, the family got out of the car to hit him, while he insisted that they return his cell phone, which the woman had in her possession.

Later, other videos came to light, allegedly recorded by the woman involved in the beating and in which the scene is shown in its entirety.

In a first recording, Alfredo Adame was seen trying to unbutton his shirt, while demanding that the opponents return the mobile device once and for all.

“Give me my cell phone huh. Give me my cell phone, wey. Give me my fucking cell phone. I’m not going to pay you anything wey “, the Mexican actor demanded furiously. Then he threatens the woman with “splitting her mother” (hitting her).

For his part, the man in the truck alleges that he must pay the cover if he wants his cell phone back. In the background, voices are heard asking them to leave, return the cell phone and end everything.

“He hit us, how are we going to leave? If you bring a gun, it’s your anger, ma’am,” said a concerned female voice, who presumably had Alfredo’s cell phone, warning that the actor was carrying a firearm.

“The lady hit me, grabbed me, she let me come, then the other. Give me my fucking cell phone or I’ll put you in your mother. Talk to the police, please, if you are so kind”, are the last words that the protagonist of various soap operas is heard saying.

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In a second video, we have Alfredo Adame in the foreground, although lying on the floor, with his shirt completely open, and being beaten mercilessly, while trying to defend himself with violent kicks.

However, the man could not get up until the woman asked her companion to leave him alone once and for all, but the verbal attacks did not stop against Alfredo.

“Yes, sir, behave as you are,” ordered the woman holding the cell phone with the camera on, and then went to her car to lock herself in.

“All damaged” is the last thing he was heard to say, before the video application was deactivated.

In a short interview he had with “Venga la Alegría”, this Wednesday, the actor assured that the way the woman attacked him was because he wanted to steal some of his belongings.

He added that someone made him see that a person was getting into his car through the window to take his cell phone, so not only was the chain stolen, but also his phone. According to him, he tried to avoid the fight at all times, but there was no way.