Mexican folk art

Popular art is one of the most important human cultural manifestations, it has a great value since it provides us with relevant information about the creative development of the human being.

It is possible to analyze the technical level that is reached in a civilization through the study of the objects that it has created, because their needs, ideas, thoughts, emotions, creativity, as well as their ability to solve problems are reflected in them.

Since prehistory, human beings have used the materials they had at hand to make objects with different uses and meanings.

Mexico is a multifaceted country with a wide variety of crafts that began to attract attention at the end of the 19th century, this interest became evident, especially after the Mexican revolution.

A great sample of this was made, for the first time, in 1921 through an exhibition that was presented in Mexico City and in Los Angeles, California to commemorate the centenary of the consummation of Independence.

The pieces that were exhibited, and that are in the catalog prepared for it, were collected by Gerardo Murillo (Doctor Atl), Roberto Montenegro, Jorge Enciso and Adolfo Mest Maugart.

Dr. Atl mentioned in this regard that “it can well be stated that since that date the government of the Republic officially recognized the indigenous ingenuity and ability that had always been relegated to the category of pariahs… it has been the first public manifestation that has been made in Mexico to pay official tribute to the national arts, and she has been a starting point for its development and transformation”.

Among our most representative objects are the talavera from Puebla, the silverware from Taxco, the ceramics from Tonalá and the black clay from Oaxaca, the serapes from Saltillo, the frayed ones from Bajío, the silk shawls from Santa María del Río, the catrinas de Capula and the alebrijes of San Martín Tilcajete.

In short, talking about Mexican folk art refers us to a great variety of typical pieces and objects full of beauty, color, creativity, meaning and skill of our people.

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