According to the Ssa, the use of remdesivir in critically ill patients in Mexico has had good results, but research will continue. Photo: Reuters


The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, revealed that after the first clinical trials of the application of the drug remdesivir that was used in critically ill Mexican patients by Covid-19, it worked and registered a positive effect in members of the research protocol in which Mexico participates and is coordinated by the United Nations Organization.

It was on May 8 when the Government of Mexico, via the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported on the participation of seven patients in the research and supply of the drug, however Alcocer Varela detailed to Notimex that the number of people who are in care under the protocol has already expanded.

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“Remdesivir does work in reducing the stay in a critical clinical situation that requires ventilation. It has to be seen that in that group of patients, which is what most calls us the need, that they are in a possibility of dying (… ) It was achieved to be shortened in two or three days (the critical stay), “he said.

“There was evolution of the patients, there was improvement, not only in the instance but also in survival. Yes, there was a reduction in their hospital instance, initially from 20 to 25 percent on the days of the instance,” said the secretary. .

He explained that although there is an effective evolution of the patients who underwent the treatment, there is still no significant impact, so the investigation should continue.

He announced that tentatively over the weekend the results of the protocol that is also applied internationally will be announced by those in charge of the investigation.

Alcocer Varela said that the participation of new patients who join the research remains open, which in Mexico is carried out at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases and the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition.

“Participation is open with new cases, which are being rigorously added to the protocol. It was expanded to include patients who have the age criteria, concomitant diseases (…) those with the characteristics are selected and filled the criteria of the projects. Until now it is having an effect, within the general evaluation, as positive in those aspects of evolution time, “reiterated the federal official.


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