Mexico and Canada play everything in the World Baseball Classic, live the game on Imagen Televisión

The Mexico’s ninth team will seek their place in the quarterfinals of the World Baseball Classicfor this it must surpass its similar Canadawhich will allow him to be among the first two places in the Group C of the contest.

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after beating United States and Great Britainthe The Mexican Baseball Team, led by Benjamín Gil, placed itself in a privileged position within its sector, with a brand of two wins and a lossthe suffered before Colombia in their first game of the tournament, the same record held by the Canadian ninth.

For Mexico, a victory against Canada will guarantee him to play the quarterfinals of the World Baseball ClassicHowever, a loss will mean that the representative of the maple leaf will be the one who gets that ticket to the next phase.


the important Mexico’s ninth game will be broadcast through La Casa del Beisbol, Imagen Televisión, on channel 3.1 of open television Mexican, in addition to the fact that the signal will also be available by

The transmission will begin at 12:55 p.m. in Central Mexicobeing the game that the Mexican team earlier dispute within the World Baseball Classic that is held in the Chase Field de PhoenixArizona.