Mexico – Investigation after the castration of an affectionate bear

The bear that sniffed a female hiker in a Mexican ecological park has been captured and neutered. He was not aggressive though.

Image d’illustration.


Mexican authorities have announced the opening of an investigation into the castration of a black bear captured after coming very close to female walkers in an ecological park in the state of Nuevo Leon (north) to the point that the one of them managed to take a selfie with the animal.

The investigation is supervised by the federal public prosecutor’s office in charge of environmental protection (Profepa) which asked to see the reports justifying the intervention on the animal of 96 kilos.

This black bear, the most common species in North America and as far north as Mexico, appeared recently in a video sniffing a hiker up close in a park in Nuevo Leon. The animal is so close that the young woman, barely frightened, manages to take a selfie with the animal. Another video shows him with another woman in a nearby location. In either case, the bear was not aggressive.

After his capture last week while sleeping in front of a house in the municipality of San Pedro Garza, the animal was transferred to the Veterinary Faculty of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon for routine examinations.

Once the bear was there, the university’s wildlife laboratory “considered that given the erratic behavior of the bear, which had returned (…) to the urban area to feed on waste, it was necessary “to castrate him, according to a statement from the prosecution released on Sunday.

The castration was authorized by a senior official at Profepa who wanted to reduce the risk of the animal fighting with congeners and prevent the reproduction of two subspecies. The bear was subsequently released in the state of Chihuahua, also in northern Mexico.


Posted: 08/11/2020, 2:35 AM

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