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Mexico: what was the price of the dollar this Wednesday, February 20, 2019? | Exchange rate | Banamex | SAT | Mexican peso | Economy | Markets

The exchange rate of the dollar in Mexico closed higher on Wednesday after minutes of the Federal Reserve of U.S It was not clear how long the central bank will remain "patient" regarding its monetary policy, and whether its next decision would be expansive or restrictive.

Meanwhile, the stock market advanced driven by the actions of the cement giant Cemex They rose after announcing the sale of some of their assets in Europe, a measure that analysts saw as positive as part of their divestment plan.

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The local currency was trading at 19.2157 per US dollar at 1526 (2126 GMT), down 0.4%, or 7.67 cents, compared to 19.1390 ​​points in the Reuters benchmark on Tuesday.

"The Fed continues to leave open the door to a rate hike in the following months, contrary to the current expectation that the markets have that throughout 2019 there would be no increase in the cost of money ", wrote the analysts of CI Banco in a report. "With this, the Mexican peso it was pressed. "

The benchmark index S & P / BMV IPC, which groups the 35 most common stocks of the Mexican market, added 0.53% to 43,178.00 points, with a volume of 176.2 million shares traded.

Cemex announced that it has signed an agreement for the sale of some assets in Baltic and Nordic countries to the German group Schwenk, for approximately 340 million euros.

After the announcement, the titles of Cemex they rose by almost 5% in the session, and closed with an advance of 3.19%, their highest daily gain since the end of November, at 9.72 pesos.

"We consider this news favorable, since the company continues to execute its disinvestment plan," Banorte said in a report.

"The main objective of Cemex it is to recover its investment grade, and therefore, it will continue to seek to achieve efficiencies in costs and expenses, as well as to continue with the initiatives for a greater generation of free cash flow, "he added.

In the money market, the yield on the 10-year bond rose a base point to 8.37%, while the 20-year rate added two to 8.74%.



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