Meyomessi: Paul Biya at the bedside of 105 victims

The Minister of Territorial Administration has just conveyed the sympathy of the Head of State to these victims whose roofs were torn off by the winds last March.

“Thank you to the President of the Republic Paul Biya for this precious gift”. It is in these terms that the populations of Moyomessi, department of Dja-et-Lobo, southern region, expressed their gratitude to the Head of State Paul Biya on September 21, 2022. On behalf of the Head of State, the Minister of Territorial Administration gave them various gifts but above all conveyed the message of compassion from the presidential couple.

Le Minat Paul Atanga Nji à Meyomessi

Gifts from the Head of State

To all those whose roofs were swept away by the tornado or who no longer had anything to wear, Minister Paul Atanga Nji handed over sleeping materials, hygiene kits and foodstuffs. A total of 105 families have a smile on their face. The gesture of generosity of the President of the Republic also extends to 14 agro-pastoral farms in the locality as well as 02 redone churches.

Beneficiary Gratitude

On behalf of their spokesperson, the beneficiaries thanked the President of the Republic Paul Biya for his generosity and infinite kindness towards them. After visiting the rebuilt concessions and churches, the Minister of Territorial Administration urged the victims to cultivate the spirit of tolerance and living together so much advocated by the Head of State. He also invited them to respect the laws, the institutions of the Republic and those who embody them.

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Dieudonne Zra (@zra_dieudonne)