In the budget law "we set a limit of the ordinary share of resources allocated to investments, equal to
   34%, for the South. A restriction extended to the public sector, extended, that is also to Anas and Rfi ". So the minister for the South,
   Barbara Lezzi, in the margins of a meeting at the «Economia come, the business of growing» festival. For companies in the South,
   in the maneuver "will also be provided for the decontribution – for the next two years – of the INPS charges for new recruits, without
   age limit ", continued Lezzi adding that he had also set up" a task force that could help, above all the
   Municipalities of the South that are more penalized in terms of human resources, in making plans for European funds ".

According to the managing director of Invitalia Domenico Arcuri, who has dialogued with Lezzi within the festival, the
   South for the last three years "has for once grown more than the rest of the country, but has not recovered the gap it had compared
   in the Center-North and its growth unfortunately risks to stop, as the first data of 2018 leave us to think ». The last
   data referring to "Resto al sud", the incentive managed by Invitalia to encourage the creation of new businesses in the South,
   they suggest "that there are 14,454 total questions; of these, 4,927 are under evaluation and 1,789 are approved. The projects
   who have already obtained the green light foresee the creation of 6,844 jobs.

Svimez 2018 Report: the gap between North and South reopens

After the success of the 6 thousand visitors of the number zero edition, until Sunday will go on at the Auditorium Park
   of the Music of Rome the review that cultivates the ambition to tell everyone (and not only the experts) a theme that has become
   "Daily" just like the economy. It was thought of as "a gift to the community, to offer a clearer reading of the
   current scenarios, "said Aurelio Regina, president of the Fondazione Musica per Roma, together with the Chamber of Commerce
   of the Capital produces the festival promoted by Invitalia with the publishing consultancy of Laterza Agora.

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