MG ZS 1.0 TGI 6AT vs. Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI DSG – Great Chinese challenge!

The segment of urban crossovers is interesting for drivers not only because they practically have no choice after the exodus of small station wagons, but also because of the arrival of brand new newcomers. We pitted the Chinese MG ZS against a regular from Mladá Boleslav.

Just a few years ago, those interested in a more spacious, yet affordable and compact car had at their disposal a traditional range of station wagons based on segment B cars. Today, this is no longer the case. However, this comparative test does not have the task of bemoaning the deviation of car manufacturers from logical thinking. He tries to point out the unprecedentedly wide competition that the booming segment of small hybrids offers. If in the best years you could choose between about five competitors for “B” station wagons, today you have a choice of almost twenty small crossovers. The best-seller in the segment is the Škoda Kamiq for the fourth year in a row, but a number of competitors are grinding their teeth at its established position – currently the brand new MG ZS with a very interesting price tag. Do Škoda and other regulars have anything to fear?

Two worlds

At its launch, the kamiq caused a slight stir not only with its novel name, but also with its specific appearance. It copies both the car company’s trends, but also the current search for “something more interesting than a pair of headlights”. The slightly alternative front is also followed by an interesting silhouette of the car with a vertical rear. In addition, the test car was launched in Monte Carlo specification, which means a set of interesting accessories painted in black. In addition, those interested in the Kamiq can choose whether they want the car to be completely anonymous, with a dynamic appearance (Monte Carlo), or rather with an off-road appearance (Scoutline).

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