MGP hit “Every time we meet”

Rewrite this contentMGP FINALIST: Jonas Nes Steinset from Lier, with the stage name JONE went on to the final in Trondheim. Photo: Ulrik Kramer / NRKMGP increases from 625,000 last week to 638,000 this weekend. At the same time, there is a decrease of 90,000 for TV 2’s “Every time we meet”.Published:Yesterday 12:42Updated yesterday 13:12625,000 watched the year’s first Melodi Grand Prix round last Saturday. – It is pleasing to see that the viewing figures for MGP are still good and increasing, says music manager for MGP at NRK, Stig Karlsen in a comment.This Saturday’s second semi-final was watched by 638,000 over the weekend.VG’s reviewer Marius Asp believed after watching Saturday’s dolphin final that as usual i MGP context is a number of songs “which are simply not good enough”.- The most successful contributions are lifted by good vocal performances, but I doubt that any of these seven songs will be at the very top when the final is decided in February, he believes.EMMA’S NIGHT: 619,000 watched Emma Steinbakken’s evening in “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV 2 during the weekend. Photo: Vegard Breie / TV2Saturday was Emma Steinbakken’s night in “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV 2. 619,000 have so far seen Saturday’s episode where Steinbakken was praised. This is a significant decrease compared to last Saturday, when there were 708,000 who had seen the program with Ingebjørg Bratland during the weekend. According to viewing figures from TV 2, 774,000 viewers have seen Friday’s episode of The Voice, while 587,000 have seen Sunday’s “Farmen kjendis”.”Master of masters” is still the week’s most watched program with a total of 1,195,000 viewers, which is an increase of 10,000 viewers compared to the previous week. So far, each of the four episodes that have been shown of “Mesternes merster” this winter has been seen by 1,349,000 viewers. The viewing figures are distributed as follows: 778,000 on linear TV and a whopping 560,000 on NRK TV.Published:Published: 23.01.23 at 12:42 p.mUpdated: 23.01.23 at 13:12
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