Michael Jackson film: Jackson’s nephew becomes the King of Pop | entertainment

Who would be better suited than him?

In times when biopic films about music legends are in demand (recently there were eight Oscar nominations for „Elvis“), so far one thing in particular has been missing from the screen: the King of Pop Michael Jackson (†50). Now the singer should be resurrected in the cinema.

US director Antoine Fuqua (57, “Bullet Train”, “Training Day”) dares to set a cinematic monument to the project, perhaps one of the greatest (and most controversial) artists of all time. The project is currently called “Michael”, but there is no start date yet.

Jackson in the 1980s, which the film will also examine

Foto: Getty Images

Production is still at the beginning. But the film already has a first milestone – its main actor. And it’s a very special one: A Jackson should play the King of Pop!

Fuqua revealed on his Instagram channel that Michael Jackson’s nephew Jafaar, 26, will be starring. He posted it himself: “I am humbled and honored to bring my Uncle Michael’s story to life.”

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Fuqua leaves it open whether other actors are also planned for the role of the music legend. After all, his film is supposed to cover the whole life story of Jackson, which then also requires older actors who step in at later stages.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50 after taking too much sleeping pills that his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray (69) negligently prescribed. Murray was sentenced to four years in prison in 2011 and was paroled after two years.

The fact is: The film “Michael” will start at the beginning of Jackson’s career. The pop legend was already on stage as a child, in his family band “The Jackson Five”, long before his great solo career.

Its founding member Jermaine Jackson (68) is the father of Jafaar, who is now making his feature film debut in the film for his famous uncle Michael Jackson are.