Michael Schumacher: Finally! Plain text from son Mick: “Health …

Michael Schumacher: Finally! Son Mick speaks plainly: “Health …”

Michael Schumacher’s fans ask themselves every day: How is the Formula 1 legend doing today?

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Many fans of Michael sSchumacher with joy.

The bad skiing accident, in which Michael sSchumacher had suffered a traumatic brain injury more than six years ago. Since then, fans have received little information about the health of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion.

Michael Schumacher: How is he doing today?

The fans know that after spending several months in the hospital, Michael Schumacher was able to return to his family in Switzerland in summer 2014 to continue his medical rehabilitation there. But from then on, the Schumi family kept all information about the state of the motorsport icon strictly under lock and key.

Charity game postponed

After all: Michael Schumacher’s son Mick now has great news for the fans. After the charity football game “Champions for Charity” had to be canceled in Frankfurt as part of the Corona crisis on May 17th, the catch-up date is finally here.

“New date for Champions for Charity 2020”, cheers Mick Schumacher on Instagram: “Everyone’s health comes first. That’s why our charity football game has been moved to October 9, 2020. I hope you are there! “

+++ Michael Schumacher: Finally great news! “We expect next year …” +++

The game has been organized for years by the “Keep Fighting” Foundation of Michael Schumacher and the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation. As part of the game, fans and organizers are always thinking of Michael Schumacher. The fans would love to see their Schumi on the lawn with the other stars from sports and entertainment.

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Fans in mind at Schumi

In social networks, fans repeatedly express how much they miss Michael Schumacher. When the management of the now 51-year-old publishes photos from the Formula One career of the seven-time champion on the official social media channels, fans immediately comment with a flood of crying emojis.

Corona crisis in the sports world

The benefit game is far from the only sporting event that falls victim to the corona crisis. The Bundesliga and other top leagues have been paused for weeks, Formula 1 had to cancel the first races of the season. In addition, the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games, which should have taken place in the summer, have been postponed to the coming year.

Olympics 2021 in spring?

2021 could be something very special for the sports world. The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics are considering hosting the Olympics in the spring.

Chaos in Formula 1 during the corona crisis

The premier class of motorsport is not spared the consequences of the corona pandemic. Despite numerous race cancellations, Ferrari has other concerns. The German hopefuls Sebastian Vettel now even faces the qualification! More about this here >>>

Who breaks Mercedes dominance?

It was a long time since Formula 1 was as exciting as in Schumi times. Absolutely low point for neutral spectators: the past season when Mercedes drove everyone away. The question for the coming season is again: Who can finally stand up to Mercedes again?

Vettel about the zenith?

One, who is usually always expected to jump on the podium, disappointed more often last season: Sebastian Vettel has regular difficulties with Ferrari. If he gets a grip on the new season, the 32-year-old could really attack again!

What’s next for Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel’s contract expires at Ferrari at the end of the year. Does the German get another chance at Scuderia or is he looking for luck with another team?

Hamilton also before the end of the contract

Lewis Hamilton is in a similar situation. The British contract with Mercedes expires at the end of 2020. A contract extension is considered probable. However, there are always rumors that Ferrari is interested in the six-time champion.

Olympia 2021 in summer

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympic Games have now decided to host the games in the summer of next year. It should start on July 23, 2021. Previously, the organizers had also considered hosting in the spring.

End of Formula 1 season in January?

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto now spoke out in favor of extending the season in Formula 1 until January. The season would actually end in November. The Scuderia boss said that he and his team could end the season in January as long as it did not jeopardize the start of the following season. (dhe)



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