Michael Wendler: No income – now Laura Müller has to pay for him

Appearances canceled: Michael Wendler now lives from Laura

Oliver Pocher (42) welcomes Michael Wendler (47) in his Insta-Live (March 27, 2020). Together with his wife Amira (27), he asks the pop star what he is currently doing financially. He honestly replies that he currently has hardly any income, as our video shows.

Oli and Amira Pocher are live with Michael Wendler

Oliver Pocher is still in quarantine with his wife Amira. Both have tested positive for the corona virus. However, that doesn’t stop the entertainer from going live with his Instagram account from his own four walls. A guest this time: his former favorite enemy Michael Wendler. He talks about how difficult the Corona crisis is currently making it financially difficult. Orders had been canceled and for fees of up to € 8,000, it tore a pretty big hole in the Wendler wallet – despite his current hit “Egal”.

In the video: This is how Michael Wendler and Oliver Pocher have reconciled

Laura Müller pays Michael

So what does the Wendler currently live on? “I only live on Laura’s coal,” the pop star admits his predicament. His girlfriend Laura Müller is currently dancing on the RTL show “Let’s Dance” with other participants for the crown of the dancing star and continues to have a steady income through her job as an influencer. This at least ensures that the couple can make ends meet.

“Let’s Dance” every Friday on RTL and in the stream on TVNOW

There is more about Wendler and his women at TVNOW


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