“Michael, you will never walk alone”

“We got up with the sad news of the death of one of our own. You were the one who always made us happy about the sport. We are grateful to you,” he wrote. Rafael Nadal, one of the great stars of Spanish sports. “Thanks for everything, Michael. Rest in peace,” he has also tweeted. Pau Gasol picking up an old sentence from Michael Robinson when I was talking about him. “Whoever pau Gasol gets close good shade shelters him”, used to say the former Osasuna player and creator of novel formats in journalism.

Robinson is dead. And with him goes that striker who broke into Spanish football in the north (he came to Osasuna and became a very dear guy), who ended up becoming the promoter of wonderful projects on television such as ‘Robinson Report’ on Movistar + and ‘Acento Robinson’ on Cadena SER.

He entered through the north, but ended up falling in love with the south. Until he became one more gaditano, in love as he always was with Cádiz, that club that captivated him. “I think there is no word that explains what being a cadista means,” used to say Michael, the English man from the ‘Little Silver Cup’.

Carlos Martinez He was the one who had him at his side since 1991 when the soccer broadcasts began on Canal +. Both formed one of the best-known couples in Spanish journalism. The impact of his death has reached every corner of a sport that is still confined.

“You’ill never walk alone”, Carlos has written remembering the anthem of Liverpool, the club where he achieved glory by conquering the European Cup. “You will never walk alone, you will always be with me,” recalled her dance partner on television cameras.

Through ‘Robinson Report’ he discovered the human character of sports stars as he recalled, for example, Sergio Ramos, the captain of Madrid. “Michael Robinson met Paqui’s son and I was lucky to meet Michael Robinson,” recalled the white defender.

Athletes, institutions (the League and the federation) have turned to praise Robinson, whose last game was, precisely, at Anfield when Atlético de Simeone ended up eliminating Liverpool, the team where he excelled.

All the clubs have turned in posthumous recognition towards an unforgettable figure. Osasuna, the club where he played in the Spanish League, Barça, Madrid …


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