Michálek: It’s like the mafia, STAN and Redla have to deal with it

How do Pirates view Petr Gazdík’s situation?

We asked for a coalition meeting to discuss these issues. We are quite disappointed with the things that come to the surface and that do not correspond at all to the information our colleagues used to give us about their possible contacts with Mr Redl.

What worries you the most?

I believe that corruption in today’s politics takes many different forms, and this is the fourth price category where it clearly functions like the mafia of the 1990s. It was very uncomfortable for me to see that something like this was possible. I really had no idea that this is how the lively cooperation with Mr. Redl, who belonged to the group around Radovan Krejčíř, runs.

There were indications that not everything was standard around Mr. Hlubuček. But this part is surprising to me. On the other hand, the case is unpleasant, but the first in the history of Prague, when coalition parties actively participated in the detection and documentation of corruption of some other entities.

Is there a consensus among the Pirates’ leadership whether Petr Gazdík should remain in government?

At the moment, we primarily want to discuss the nomination of President Půta, who is being prosecuted, to the ČEZ Supervisory Board. We have a problem with that, and we have notified the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, who are responsible. In these circumstances, we consider the nomination to be very inappropriate.

I will comment on the next steps around Petr Gazdík only after the meeting. We will certainly want to know there what steps STAN will take to exclude any action by people from that mafia structure.

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