Business Michel Aglietta and Pierre-Noël Giraud, economists to repair the...

Michel Aglietta and Pierre-Noël Giraud, economists to repair the world


Published on : 01/24/2020 – 13:24

The fight against global warming and against inequalities is at the heart of two books from which we receive the authors, the eminent economists Michel Aglietta, scientific advisor at CEPII, and Pierre-Noël Giraud, professor at Mines Paris Tech.

The question of the survival of the human species is posed by global warming. Decisions are necessary but they can only be followed up if they take into account the phenomena of inequality which also mark our time. These two questions were at the heart of the discussions at the traditional summit in Davos. We are talking about it with two economists.

Michel Aglietta, emeritus professor at Paris Nanterre University and scientific advisor to CEPII and to France Stratégie, published by Odile Jacob a book Capitalism, the time of ruptures who wants to show that “we can civilize capitalism, we can put it back on the path of inclusive and sustainable growth“.

Pierre Noël Giraud, Professor at Mines Paris Tech, at Paris Dauphine and at the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University of Ben Guerir in Morocco. His research work mainly concerns the economics of raw materials and globalization. He publishes in pocket format at Folio a book entitled The inequality of the world. It is a largely renewed version of a book first published in 1996 and in which, ahead of its time, it announced that globalization would bring about a catch-up of the developed countries by the emerging countries and that this would cause a classification means in rich countries.



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