Michel Cymes annoyed by Sophie Marceau’s comments on vaccination: “Better to be silent”

The high-profile doctor commented on the actress’ comments about the vaccination.

Sunday July 18, actress Sophie Marceau was interviewed in the Sunday Newspaper. In this interview, she explains having a problem with the vaccination when she was asked if she herself was vaccinated. The star then replied: ” I just think that in France we tend to take too many drugs. We had better teach people to take better care of themselves naturally and to eat healthily “. Sophie Marceau had nevertheless specified before ” not be against vaccines, there is no question of endangering others ».

Michel Cymes reacted to this release and in Star TV, the doctor commented: ” I think that when you are known and go against the advice of the world’s greatest scientists, you better shut up and keep your opinion to yourself “. Doctors often take a stand against people who question medical advances. However, he had made some mistakes at the start of the health crisis, for lack of information. Thus, Michel Cymes had reduced the usefulness of wearing the mask before changing his mind shortly after and apologizing for his mistake.

Sophie Marceau praised the documentary “Hold-up” and the directors. The documentary has been widely known since its release for challenging the policies of the French government regarding the health crisis. It is also a film that is used a lot in conspiracy circles.


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