Michel Cymes dethrones Nagui in the ranking of the favorite host of the French

Michel Cymes dethrones Nagui in the ranking of the favorite host of the French

SURVEY – Michel Cymes, eternal rival of Nagui in the heart of the French, takes the first place of the ranking in front of his friend of France 2.

Fortunately, the first place is not played every semester between Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthès. For all that follows should be read in the first degree, given the enmity between the two men.
With Michel Cymes and Nagui , respectively first and second of this new edition of the survey of the favorite animators of the French, it is room too … but with love. ” In your previous surveys , the game show host Nagui hinted that I was an imposter and that I would have bought my doctor’s degree. It’s wrong! I was given it! “(Laughs), draw in a first salve Michel Cymes. Last June, during the previous poll, the “doc” of France Televisions had to make its crown of leader, passing in second position of a short head. In his eyes, things are in order. “The injustice is repaired. And I’m taking off because I’m 0.2% ahead of Nagui! I am happy that he is still in the Top 10, because, given the number of his shows, he does not spare his sentence. “And, when the favorite doctor of the French ranks the second degree, sincerity takes over. “We tease each other, but, to be honest, I’m delighted that this is between us, between two friends.” Michel Cymes soon on France 2
This status of leader gives it some advantages and … disadvantages. “It is clear that with such a rank you are not the first to whom your employer asks to leave! Unfortunately, it also gives rise to unhealthy interest in certain media or programs. Better to hit No. 1 than 50. “The next poll, in December, will scrutinize the magnifying glass if the passage of Michel Cymes France 5 to France 2, since he announced that ‘ he stopped presenting Health Magazine , will affect its popularity. Nagui, good player
“I weigh all my weight so that his presence on France 5 is as small as possible,” bounces Nagui, jokingly. And, still in the second degree, he continues: “This first place is the moving signal that France is bad because it clings to a doctor (laughs). But I also liked the time when lightness, entertainment and intelligence prevailed … That said, it makes me happy for Michel, because this survey is a kind of tribute to a near end of career. And seriously? “This type of valves, we can only do with those we love. And I am sincerely happy for Michel and very grateful to the public for continuing to send us this incredible love. ”
Seniors vote for Michel Cymes
The doctor of France 5 is the male leader by a large majority (29.6%), but he is shunned by women, who do not even get on the podium. Nearly one in three French prefers Nagui, the host of Do not forget the lyrics (France 2), followed by Stéphane Bern, in second place. Jean-Luc Reichmann, indefatigable animator 12 Midday shots , on TF1, comes third. With Nagui, he is acclaimed by the French between 18 and 49 years, while seniors turn to Michel Cymes to more than 71%. The majority of women reserved their voices for male presenters, while the men elected Élise Lucet on the second step with more than a quarter of their votes. The journalist, presenter of Cash investigation and D’ Correspondent , on France 2, even reaches the third place of the general classification, with 24% of the votes.

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