Continuation of the controversy between Michel Platini and Paris-Saint-Germain. Accused by the former UEFA president of not being enough French, PSG reacted Wednesday, by the voice of its sports director Leonardo: "I'm not going to talk about racism, I'll leave that aside. But we're going to talk about jealousy. When he says that Mbappé "goes too fast", it's jealous too. "

RTL guest on Thursday, Platini wanted to clarify his point, not without scratching the way the Parisian sports director. "I was jealous of Ferreri, Zidane, Mbappé, Pele, Cruyff … I am always jealous of everyone. Even if Leonardo speaks French well, he does not speak well enough to understand what I meant, said Platini. I have never criticized PSG. I could have taken the example of Marseille, with American funds, a Portuguese coach and a Spanish sports director and where there are not many French players. I think football needs roots. Today, there is more, it is the one who has the most money that will win. I think it's great what the PSG has done in recent years. It's good for French football but it's not my idea of ​​football. "

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