Michel Quinders rode flawlessly and quickly to the Grefrather victory

Summer tournament of the RV Graf Holk Grefrath
Michel Quinders rode clear and fast

The Grefrathers win their own A-class team competition with a jump-off at the summer tournament organized by RV Garf Holk. How it came about and why the atmosphere was particularly good.

The highlight of the three-day summer tournament of RV Graf Holk Grefrath in Heitzerend was the team competition. The Grefrathers were very happy. A team of its own made the winner from among eight teams, most of which came from the Grefrather show-jumping camp, in the class A team competition with a jump-off.

It went like a big Nations Cup, as the participants gradually took their turn and kept changing positions in the ranking. They fought for the prize of the friends and supporters of RV Graf Holk Grefrath. This is a community of a few older honorary members who are still actively involved with the association.

Five teams ended up fighting for victory in a jump-off because they didn’t have a knockdown. Grefather Michel Quinders with Brantops Glam-Rock rode the team’s fastest free lap in 32.78 seconds. The Grefrathers Felix Christmann (Coedie), Emily Optendrenk (Jolijn) and Colin Konnen from the dressage and jumping club Kempen-St. Hubert with Crass Clausi, a horse with international and advanced level experience.

Unlike in previous years, the permitted starting field was limited to a smaller area and riders from the entire Rhineland were no longer invited. This year, participants from the district associations of Viersen, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Kleve, Neuss and Heinsberg made their way to Grefrath. “Due to the restriction on participants, all riders from the surrounding area who wanted to ride could also start with us this year,” says Astrid Greiling from the Grefrather tournament management.

From the ranks of the organizer there were further victories by Alexander Thoenes with Quickly Up in the youngster jumping competition at elementary level. 14-year-old Laura Lohmeier won the jumping competition at novice level with Hero. The twelve-year-old newly crowned Rhenish Champion of the Children, Charlotte Boeken (RFV Hubertus Neersen-Anrath), achieved a victory in the M* show jumping test on Kaischa, as did her teacher Matthias Gering in the M* point show jumping test and in the show jumping ability class M. Charlotte Boeken has already been invited to the national trainer Holger Hetzel for further viewing for the German Youth Championships from July 22nd to 24th.

In the highly prized show-jumping, an M** with a winning round, Paul van Wylick from RV Gut Eichhof won ahead of Matthias Gering from Anrath-Neersen as third place. Alex Thoenes, the host, was happy about seventh place.