Michèle Bernier on the sofa of Michel Drucker. – PJB / SIPA

It's been eight years since we did not see her at the movies. Michèle Bernier plays television roles in TV movies, such as "Né sous silence" or "Il faut marier maman", but also in series, such as "Accusé", "La smala mes mire", or more recently "The trainee".

If this last series meets a great success with the French – with a little more than 4 million viewers Tuesday night for the two episodes on France 3 – Michèle Bernier regrets not being more present on the big screen, and it is not 'not hide it.

Actresses too young and too sexy

Last Saturday, in the program "Good evening! "Presented by Isabelle Ithurburu on Canal +, the 62-year-old actress confided:" I think that all actresses, whether Muriel Robin, me, and many others, we do not understand the French system. (…) We do not write much for women [ou bien] we like them pretty sexy, "she said. Michèle Bernier also points out that the stories that revolve around these roles are usually "boys" [qui] are fighting to kiss them. "

The actress also deplores that the French cinema is too selective on the criterion of the age of the women. "There is one place where there really is a" no man's land "for women, it's between 45 and 65/70 years old. We must wait until we become mothers-in-law dingos, crazy grandmothers, or women
Alzheimer … Well, there is a whole pan like that where we do not know what to do. "


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