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18. October 2022

New record for the MICHELIN Guide Switzerland: 36 new starred restaurants – including a new three-star restaurant – and 11 new green MICHELIN stars – A total of 138 starred restaurants – Restaurant Memories in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz receives three MICHELIN stars.

Michelin has published this year’s selection of restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Switzerland. The MICHELIN star award ceremony took place for the first time at the renowned EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, which was founded in 1893 as the “Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne”.

A total of 546 restaurants, including 138 starred restaurants, are recommended by the MICHELIN inspectors in the new selection. These include one new three-star restaurant, five new two-star restaurants, 30 new one-star restaurants and 34 new Bib Gourmands. The outstanding sustainability commitment of eleven new restaurants is also recognized with the MICHELIN Green Star.

“It is remarkable how Swiss gastronomy has continued to develop positively despite these difficult times,” says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide. In all regions, the inspectors were enthusiastic about the diversity, craftsmanship and innovative spirit of Swiss restaurateurs. They were particularly impressed by the development of the many new talents that have continued to flourish over the past year.

“The 2022 restaurant selection is an absolute record. In addition to the many new starred restaurants that have impressed all our inspectors, the new three-star Memories naturally deserves special recognition. The remarkable increase from 11 MICHELIN Green Stars to a total of 29 shows the growing commitment of Swiss chefs to more sustainable gastronomy,” continues Poullennec.

Memories is awarded three MICHELIN stars

With his reduced, creative and unique cuisine, Sven Wassmer has secured a place in the international top league in the gourmet restaurant Memories in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Here, the chef and his team present innovative dishes that celebrate the Swiss Alpine region in all its dimensions and pay tribute to the rich terroir, the variety of products – which vary more and more from season to season – and the local producers.
In order to emphasize the sustainability qualities and the pioneering position in environmentally friendly initiatives, the Memories has also been awarded the MICHELIN Green Star. It follows in the footsteps of the restaurants Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl in Basel (BS), the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier (VD) and Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau (GR), all of which continue to have three MICHELIN stars.

Five new two-star restaurants

This year, the guide counts five new restaurants among the 25 restaurants with two MICHELIN stars. One of the new additions occupies a special position: Skin’s – the restaurant in Lenzburg (AG). As a new addition to the 2022 selection, it made the remarkable jump to two stars shortly after it opened. We owe this enormous success to head chef Kevin Romes and his team with their internationally and regionally influenced, modern cuisine. The following restaurants have also been awarded two MICHELIN stars: the two seasonal sister restaurants La Brezza in Arosa (GR) – open in winter – and in Ascona (TI) – open in summer. In the two restaurants, of which the one from Ascona was previously awarded a MICHELIN star, chef de cuisine Marco Campanella places very sophisticated, modern cuisine at the center of his menus. The IGNIV Zurich by Andreas Caminada in Zurich (ZH) with head chef Daniel Zeindlhofer also received two MICHELIN stars for its “Fine Dining Sharing Experience”. Roots in Basel (BS) also received two MICHELIN stars, where head chef Pascal Steffen places the focus on vegetables in his menus.

30 new one-star restaurants

The 2022 selection counts 30 restaurants that were newly awarded a star. Overall, the guide has an unprecedented number of 109 one-star restaurants spread across the country and reflecting the diversity of Swiss gastronomy. These include, for example, the Aux Trois Amis in Ligerz, where the inspectors praised the great team effort. They saw a clear increase in performance at THE VIEW restaurant in Lugano with its modern Italian cuisine. In the Lucide restaurant, which is located in the KKL in Lucerne (LU), head chef Michèle Meier inspires with her expressive and reduced cuisine. In Zermatt, the Brasserie Uno surprised the inspectors with a cosmopolitan, uncomplicated concept.

The first purely vegan restaurant with a MICHELIN star in Switzerland, the KLE restaurant in Zurich (ZH) with chef Zineb Hattab, is also particularly noteworthy. Foodies will also love the one-star vegetarian cuisine at Andreas Caminada’s OZ restaurant in Fürstenau (GR), where Timo Fritsche is in charge of the kitchen.

The following restaurants
were also with
awarded one star:

  • Njørden in Aubonne (VD)
  • Bad Balgach by Schützelhofer in Balgach (SG)
  • Ackermannshof in Basel (BS)
  • Wine & Being with Härzbluet in Bern (BE)
  • Du Bourg in Biel (BE)
  • Three Towers in Bourguillon (FR)
  • The Brent Bridge in Brent (VD)
  • The Mountaineers – The Summit in Broc (FR)
  • The Dyeing in Delémont (JU)
  • Epoca by Tristan Brandt in Flims (GR)
  • OZ in Fürstenau (GR)
  • The Genf Robuchon Workshop (GE)
  • La Micheline in Geneva (GE)
  • Drive in Künten-Sulz (AG)
  • LA CHAVALLERA in der Krone – Tailoring at the Inn in La Punt-Chamues-ch (GR)
  • Aux Trois Amis in Ligerz (BE)
  • THE VIEW in English (ENG)
  • Lucide in Luzern (LU)
  • Maihöfli – Oscar de Matos in Luzern (LU)
  • Lions in Menzingen (ZG)
  • Stéphane Décotterd in Montreux (VD)
  • La Table du Valrose in Rougemont (VD)
  • Krone in Sankt Moritz (GR)
  • The Gourmet Workshop in Sierre (VD)
  • Aqua in Thalwil (ZH)
  • Brasserie Uno in Zermatt (VS)
  • Capri in Zermatt (VS)
  • Eden Kitchen & Bar in Zurich (ZH)
  • KLE in Zurich (ZH)
  • Economics in FRANZ in Zurich (ZH)

Eleven new MICHELIN Green Stars underline the growing importance of responsible gastronomy

The MICHELIN Green Star, the award for sustainable gastronomy introduced in January 2020, indicates restaurants that stand out through their commitment to the environment and the conservation of resources. This year’s increase of eleven new MICHELIN Green Stars to a total of 29 is evidence of the industry’s growing awareness of this issue. The initiatives with which the chefs are committed to future-oriented gastronomy are very diverse, but often include the use of regional and seasonal products, compliance with biological and ecological guidelines, animal welfare and short transport routes as well as energy saving and waste avoidance, not to forget raising awareness among employees and customers.

The following restaurants were
awarded a Green MICHELIN Star:

  • Memories in Bad Ragaz (SG)
  • Du Bourg in Biel (BE)
  • La Pinte des Mossettes in Cerniat (FR)
  • OZ in Fürstenau (GR)
  • Schloss Wartegg in Rorschacherberg (SG)
  • The Rose in Rüschlikon (ZH)
  • Helvetia Sankt in Gallen (SG)
  • Pasture in Heiden (AR)
  • Brasserie Uno in Zermatt (VS)
  • DAR in Zurich (ZH)
  • f39 restaurant in Zurich (ZH)