Michelle Barquín Brushstrokes of Playback Theater and Spontaneous Theater (Paperback Book) (2020)

Michelle is a passionate, honest and grateful woman with life. In her desire to find paths that allow her to collaborate with the construction of a better world, she constantly rebuilds herself from the integration of new experiences, knowledge and stories.

He considers himself a lucky and happy person. It is a bit of all of the above and a lot of everything that remains to be said. Beyond anything, she knows she is free.

He currently integrates his passion for psychology, theater, art and psychodrama in a single search for the truth of his soul, in order to contribute to the well-being and conscious humanization of today’s society.

That is why, over the course of three years and one more of postponement, she dedicated herself to writing the pages of this book in which she hopes you will find a little bit of yourself, a little bit of her and a little bit of the process that has gone through in the collective Ekos Deus Teatros de Transformación; a true refuge for the creation of your dreams.

In this book you will find the path that she, as part of her tribe, has traveled to practice Playback Theater and Spontaneous Theater, two devices that, after practicing them, will transform your reality turning you into a more sensitive, more conscious and more empathic person, in short, more humane: the world needs revolutionary souls who are not afraid to feel and think.