Michelle Obama documentary arrives on Netflix

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Michelle Obama is the star of a new documentary airing next week on Netflix, which is dedicated to the world tour to promote her memories, the streaming platform announced on Monday.

” To become “, the same title as the former American first lady’s book, will be available on May 6 on Netflix. He tells “The stories of the great people I met after the publication of my memoirs”wrote Mrs. Obama on Twitter. “During these difficult times, I hope this film will inspire you and give you joy”, she adds.

The book ” To become “ had been a phenomenal success in 2018, snatching more than two million copies from North America in just two weeks.

Michelle Obama’s state of mind

Michelle Obama had promoted it in 34 cities and filmmaker Nadia Hallgren had followed her on this journey for several months to make this documentary.

The film is concerned with the state of mind of Mrs. Obama “At this precise moment and the way she looks at her whole life course, not just the years she spent in the White House”says Nadia Hallgren.

The documentary is produced by Higher Ground, the production company created by Barack and Michelle Obama, who already has the documentary to his credit. “American Factory” on the painful reopening of a Midwest automobile factory bought by a Chinese billionaire.



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