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Michelle Obama will receive in London's O2 – Interview with the rock star US News

With self-made signs and spontaneous Mexican waves, it was an audience that was suitable for the most famous musician. In front of a crowd of 15,000, mainly women, in the London O2 arena, former First Lady Michelle Obama called on those who were dissatisfied with the Trump White House to "roll up their sleeves".

At the event on Sunday evening – part of an international book tour – she was greeted with standing ovations and screams on stage. Asked by US television broadcaster Stephen Colbert how she liked her reception, she said there was hope in difficult political times.

"I think it's a testament to how much we all share the world," Obama said. "The fact that people in the story of this little girl, Michelle Robinson, are on the south side of Chicago is not proof of me and my story, but it's a reminder that we're alright, people. We will be fine. "

Obama's memoir, Becoming, tells the story of her journey, from growing up in a working-class family in Chicago to living in the White House. Since its release in November, more than 10 million copies have been sold worldwide.

When asked about her views on the state of US policy, she said, "It's time to roll up our sleeves, and if we're not satisfied with the state of affairs, then we have voices in democracies. We have to be careful and committed, and we can not take our rights and freedoms for granted. Because if we do not vote, someone will

"I have to remind people that Barack Obama was elected twice in the United States. That really happened, "she said. "That was not a sham. The country actually made it, and half the people who voted in the last elections voted for a third term.

"We need to remember that what's happening today is true, but what happened before was true … that should give us some comfort at some level."

She added, "Let's just think about it – for anyone who had problems with Barack Obama – what we were worried about. There have never been any charges. "

"He once wore a brown suit," joked Colbert.

The lecture at O2 followed another London event to promote the book in December at the Southbank Center, which sold out in minutes.

The Guardian reported Friday that more than 100 tickets for Sunday's event had been announced for a significant mark-up. Professional advertisements recorded a pair for more than £ 2,000, more than three times the face value.

The book tour took Obama to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as a series of events in the US and Canada.

According to Nielsen BookScan, their book sales in the UK total over 600,000. This puts it in 11th place in the bestselling memoirs and biographies since the 1998 sales record.

In a comprehensive interview, Obama talked about how her family's life changed beyond recognition when her husband was elected president-elect in November 2008.

"That's when your whole life changes. You get a presidential car and it's a 20-car motorcade, "she said. "There is an ambulance carrying your husband's small blood type because you recognize the threat under which he is."

Obama said the US was "one of many chapters."

"It may feel like a dark chapter, but every story has ups and downs, but it continues. Yes, we are in a low, but we were lower, "she said.

"We had harder times with more fear. We have lived through slavery, the Holocaust and racial segregation and have emerged better and stronger at the other end. "



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