Michigan families took advantage of the first winter storm to have fun and play in the snow | HISPANIC NEWSPAPER IN MICHIGAN

Grand Rapids families having fun on one of the city’s hills during the first winter storm (Photo: City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation)


This past Friday saw the first major snowfall in western Michigan, prompting the cancellation of snow mounds across the state and families taking advantage of the situation to slide down the hills with their sleds.

In addition to this, many families chose to go to the movies to have a slightly warmer experience.

Snow accumulations were between 7″ to 10″ of snow and wind gusts up to 40 mph.

Here are the best options for sledding in Grand Rapids for the upcoming snowfall:

· Highland Park (700 College Ave NE) The Grand Ave parking lot is open and plowed.

· Parque Mary Waters (1042 Lafayette Ave NE) Lafayette avenue parking lot is open and plowed

· Mulick Park (1632 Sylvan Ave SE) Gate is open, parking lot is not plowed, street parking available

· Parque familiar Plaster Creek (2401 Buchanan Ave SW) Gates are locked, street parking available

· Richmond Park (1101 Richmond St NW) Richmond Avenue main parking lot is open and plowed

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