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Micro Enterprises Will Get IDR 1.2 Million Incentive, Here’s How To Get It

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government decided to extend the Emergency PPKM until July 25, 2021. President Joko Widodo or Jokowi stated that there were around 1 million micro-entrepreneurs who would receive incentives in the form of cash assistance, each worth IDR 1.2 million because they were considered to be hit by the Emergency PPKM.

“Pemerintah memberikan insentif untuk usaha mikro informal sebesar Rp 1,2 juta untuk sekitar 1 juta usaha mikro,” kata Jokowi melalui konferensi pers virtual yang ditayangkan di YouTube Sekretariat Presiden, Selasa malam, 20 Juli 2021.

Jokowi menjelaskan, insentif itu berasal dari tambahan alokasi anggaran perlindungan sosial sebesar Rp 55,21 triliun pada masa perpanjangan PPKM Darurat. Selain insentif usaha UMKM Informal, Jokowi mengatakan, tambahan anggaran perlindungan sosial itu juga bakal disalurkan pada program bantuan sosial berupa BST, BLT Desa, PKH, bantuan sembako, bantuan kuota internet dan subsidi listrik.

“Saya sudah memerintahkan kepada para menteri terkait untuk segera menyalurkan bantuan sosial tersebut kepada warga masyarakat yang berhak,” kata dia.

Then how do you know if an MSME entrepreneur gets the Direct Cash Assistance for MSMEs (BLT MSMEs) of IDR 1.2 million? Here are the details on how:

1. Check Help Status

Recipients of BPUM or BLT UMKM worth IDR 1.2 million can check the status of the assistance received in advance via BRI and BNI via the https://eform.bri.co.id/bpum site for BRI customers. Meanwhile, BNI customers can check on the https://banpresbpum.id/ site.

2. Check on the BRI and BNI sites

  • Login at the link eform.bri.co.id/bpum to find out the participation of recipients of the Presidential Assistance Program (Banpres)
  • Enter the Resident Identity Card (KTP) number – Enter the Verification Code
  • Then, Click Process Inquiry, a statement will appear that your eKTP number is registered or not registered as a BPUM recipient
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3. Come to the Bank for Incentive Disbursement

If you are a recipient of MSME BLT, the disbursement must be processed immediately. The beneficiary must verify at the registered bank by bringing the following documents:

  • Bank Savings Book
  • ATM card
  • KTP
  • Statement Letter signed by the local Village Apparatus
  • SMS notification notification that you are a BPUM recipient
  • Copy of NIB and Family Card SKUKU

If the beneficiary is not a BRI or BNI customer, the incentive will be distributed through PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).


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