Micro Motion Wing bids farewell to the Guangzhou team: thanks to the fans for not abandoning their memories full of memories_Teammate_future_day

Original title: Gao Junyi bids farewell to the Guangzhou team: thanks to the fans for not abandoning their memories full of memories

On April 29, Wuhan Three Towns, newly promoted to the Chinese Super League, officially announced that 9 people including Deng Hanwen, Gao Zhunyi, He Chao, Tao Qianglong, Liu Dianzuo and Xie Pengfei joined the team.

After reaching a settlement with the Guangzhou team, Gao Zhunyi withdrew the arbitration application and moved to the three towns of Wuhan. Looking back on his Guangzhou team career, the player himself is full of emotion:

People are always afraid of saying goodbye, because they don’t know how much regret and remorse there will be on this day, nor how much remorse and tears there will be. I thought about leaving in silence, but in the end I decided to come and say goodbye to everyone.

Three years in Guangzhou, I ushered in the highlight of my career, won the first league championship trophy, participated in the AFC Champions League for the first time… At this moment, I can still recall playing side by side with my teammates all these years There are happy times and bitter tastes. I could still hear the deafening voices of the fans at Tianhe Stadium, with horns of support and venting of dissatisfaction. The memories are full of memories that will always be cherished in my heart.

When I first came to Guangzhou, I was a little uncomfortable with the hot and humid weather. Later, I gradually regarded it as my home, and everything was very warm. I used to travel in the old streets of Guangzhou, and I began to seriously plan the days here in the future, and I wanted to fulfill more dreams here. However, life is like this, even if there are thousands of reluctance, it is finally time to say goodbye.

Thanks to Guangzhou Football Club and Evergrande Group for their cultivation and dedication to me, to my coaches and teammates for their company with me, and to my fans and friends for sticking to us despite such difficult circumstances in the past two years. I wish the Guangzhou team and my former coaches and teammates better and better, and I wish the fans good health and all the best.

See you on the field in the future.

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