Bethesda has added the real money store to Fallout 76 beta.Bethesda has added the real money store to Fallout 76 beta.

On Tuesday, October 30, Bethesda opened Fallout 76's Atomic Store, where you can buy cosmetic items using atoms, the real money currency of the game. Now you know what exactly that Micro-transaction shop on offer.

A total of seven different categories are listed in the Atomic Shop. So there are looks, skins, C.A.M.P., style, photo mode, emots and icons. Most expensive so far are the outfits, as well as some of the C.A.M.P. items, Currently they cost up to 700 atoms. New face paintings are available for around 250 atoms each. Emotes cost 300 and for each icon you pay 50 atoms. All currently available items can be found in the following table:

Black Fisherman's overalls

Red shirt with khaki pants

Starburst Linoleum Floor and Foundation

Small clean generator

Gridiron face painting

Throat Stitch Face Paint

Nautical Anchor Tattoo

Classic Eagle Tattoo

Montani Semper Liberi frame

How do you get atoms and how expensive are they?

You can use the shop as soon as you have a character Leave Vault 76 have. From then it appears in the main menu. You can not buy the atoms themselves yet, so we do not know yet how expensive each pack of real money currency will be.

Bethesda has already assured players that they want to generously distribute the atoms and award them a lot of small tasks. You can also do that in the B.E.T.A. test: a total of seven Challenge Categories there are: Daily, Weekly, Character, Survival, Fight, Social and World.

The items in the Atomic Shop should give you no playful advantages.The items in the Atomic Shop should give you no playful advantages.

For example, you get 10 atoms for the first boiling of water and 20 by catching a sickness. 40 atoms by harvesting 12 different herbs. There are another 40 for collecting 76 purified water.

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Daily tasks include things like leveling up, learning a recipe, or simply killing 20 enemies. The weekly challenges are only slightly more complicated. For this you have to kill for example three wild ghouls with simple weapons and get for it 30 atoms. You can do these tasks per account complete once, Creating a new character does not allow you to get more atoms. But also your purchases for the entire account.

Beta achievements are retained in the full version

Anyone who already diligently completes challenges and collects atoms will, incidentally, join the release on November 14th into the full version, Become the purchases in the shop nor the progress of the tasks sets Bethesda back.

Now the only question is how the Exchange rate of atoms in real money will look like. The current prices give no information. All we know is that, for example, an icon has less value than a C.A.M.P. item.

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