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Microids announced a remake of sel-shading shooter XIII – Blogs

Perhaps now you will feel old: if you caught an action movie XIII, we inform you that more than 15 years have passed since then – the game was released in November of 2003. Publisher Microids and studio Playmagic decided it was time to modernize the shooter, and announced a remake.

The main character XIII – soldier nicknamed Thirteen. One day, he did not wake up to Brighton Beach and realized that he had lost his memory. There are only two clues – a small key and a tattoo of the XIII near the clavicle. The protagonist is accused of killing the president of the United States, and now he must find out what happened.

One of the main features XIII – stylized comic under the same name. The game uses technology cel-shading, thanks to which the image looks as if it is circled in pencil. In addition, the action movie uses the mode “Picture in Picture” and “Clouds” with inscriptions – all as in the same graphic novels.

The authors took up a remake because, in their opinion, now there are not enough shooters on the market with a focus on the plot (we cannot but agree!). Developers intend to recreate the familiar adventure, decorating it with new graphics and animation.

XIII will be released on November 13 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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