Microscopic robots walk autonomously using ‘electronic brains’ (video)

Cornell University scientists have created extremely small robots equipped with “electronic brains” that allow them to move independently, no more than 250 micrometers wide, and having two, four or six legs.

It’s always been possible to make extremely small robots, but they usually need some form of direct external control to function. The solution was a metal oxide semiconductor or (CMOSIts signals produce frequencies that determine the way the robot’s legs move, and photovoltaic cells control both the legs and the electrical circuit.

The site indicatedif you go away“This is an achievement, although these inventions are a far cry from the more complex large autonomous robots. But the researchers see this as just the beginning, and they believe that future precision robots could be effective for healthcare, as they can perform internal surgery and clean arteries,” he said. In other fields, it can detect chemicals and eliminate pollutants.

Any of these robots could be years away, but this project shows their technical potential.