Microsoft periodically releases updates, both experimental and official, to SwiftKey on the Android operating system. Unlike any user thought, the first thing Microsoft would do when buying SwiftKey was to add its Bing search bar, But this only happened today.

In a new update to the tablet on Android, Microsoft decided to push Swiftky users to use the Bing search directly from the tablet. In other words, the company introduced a new way to search for anything without having to leave the tablet. Which allows any user to search directly from the keyboard as well as options to take a picture or cropped or even send a screen shot or share a link directly from the board.

The ability to search through Bing directly from keyboard applications is a feature well known to other Gboard users, so it's good to know that the functionality has been expanded to additional applications and SwiftKey is one of them.

Download Swiftkey update from here.


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