Microsoft announces a new OS ... based on Linux!

Microsoft announces a new OS ... based on Linux!

Unrecognizable Microsoft! In 2001, Steve Ballmer treated Linux as “cancer” . In 2018, the firm of Redmond launches a new OS … based on the famous free core. On the occasion of the RSA conference, which runs until April 20 in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled Azure Sphere , a complete solution for connected objects. And hope tomorrow to make it the reference platform for millions of products driven by a microcontroller (MCU), these low-power chips that drive routers, connected fridges, smart toys, light bulbs, industrial machinery … and we go .

Azure Sphere’s ambition is to respond to the thorny problem that plagues the Internet of Things: security. Difficult, or impossible to update, countless connected objects are real colanders. The Microsoft solution? Offer Azure Sphere “certified” MCUs, secured and connected to Microsoft’s cloud services.

But to run these tiny chips, exit Windows 10. Welcome to Azure Sphere OS, a secure operating system, based on Linux and ” complemented by technologies that we have designed for Windows Said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, at the conference, in remarks reported by Paul Thurott . ” This is the first time in 43 years of existence that we announce that we will distribute a custom Linux kernel. This is an important step for us and for the industry He continued.

First products from the end of 2018

Microsoft plans to see the first Azure Sphere products at the end of the year. And announced that the first chip meeting these new specifications, signed Mediatek, would go into mass production.

Azure Sphere OS is a new episode of this recent love story between Microsoft and Linus Torvalds’s baby. Since the arrival of Satya Nadella controllers, Redmond has indeed completely changed his mind: his Azure service is already running countless Linux VMs, Ubuntu is available on the Microsoft Store , and Bash is available under Windows. A situation all the more funny that Microsoft has simultaneously chosen to end with its Windows division and landing his boss Terry Myerson a few weeks ago.

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