Microsoft Announces New Xbox Controller for Special Needs Players


Microsoft announced its new Xbox Adaptive Controller, a controller designed specifically for players with special needs. After the device was leaked earlier this week, which also features images of two large programmable buttons and 19 ports that can be connected to a set of Lay out control, buttons and keys to make it easier to run a larger group of people on the Xbox and Windows 10 devices. Advertising “I can handle all the Xbox Adaptive Controller in everything I want to do, even if I want a game, I can make all the controls fit,” says Solomon Romney, a Microsoft learning specialist who was also born without his left fingers. My body and my desires, and I can keep or change the adjustments at any time I want, it does not take much time to make adjustments. The control tool focuses heavily on connectivity and customization where players will be able to create programs that suit their abilities and needs, but also will not be a solution available to all games, but also there will be a number of possibilities are endless. It is worth mentioning that the cost of the Xbox Adaptive Controller is estimated at $ 99.99, Source Source URL for the news


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